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Ultimate Product Protection

Fumigation is the best way to control a pest infestation – not only in homes and buildings, but in stored goods as well. For companies and organizations that rely on transporting products, commodity fumigation plays a major role in protecting their shipments, their customers’ health (especially when it comes to food-based commodities) and their business bottom line.

sample industries served

  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging & Warehousing 
  • Agriculture
  • Shipping & Cargo
  • Milling

Stored Product Pests

There are various types of Stored Product Pest (SPI) that typically invade and contaminate large bulk commodity items, which are known to destroy millions of dollars worth of products each year while putting the health of consumers at risk across the globe. 

Ultimate Product Protection

Our comprehensive commodity fumigation services utilize the most up-to-date pest control technologies  available. With no “one-size-fits-all” approaches on our part, we will wholly customize your fumigation depending on the pest pressures, property, environment and content type of the products being treated. 

Sample commodities our company fumigates includes the following items:*

Commodity types

Raw Grains

Fresh Produce

Dog Food


Dried Flowers

storing & transporation




Trucks & Trailers

Conveying Equipment 

*At this time we are not participants in the IPPL Program, which is in regards to the exportation of wooden pallets and/or crates.

Our Service Guarantee

We follow all State and Federal regulations and label mandates to ensure facility, product and employee safety. We’ve performed commodity fumigations of all types, sizes and storage units for over 30 years, and there’s no job too small or large when it comes to protecting the inventory and brand integrity of our customers. 


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